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In Solihull and looking for CCTV installers? Solihull like much of the rest of the UK is blighted by burglaries and other thefts which has led to more home and business owners to look at ways of protecting their homes and businesses.

We’ve been installing CCTV in Solihull for many years and have helped hundreds of homeowners and businesses protect their properties and provide them with a strong deterrent to crime.

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The Benefits of CCTV Installation in Solihull

Deter thieves - The fact that CCTV systems can be installed to be very apparent to potential thieves means that they are a great deterrent. Once a criminal knows that you have CCTV installed, they will invariably choose to target another property.

Safer working environment - For businesses, CCTV can help to ensure a safer working environment because it forces people to adhere to health and safety policies.

Reduce retail theft - Theft is rife in many retail premises and CCTV can provide a great deterrent. If you’re a retail business in Solihull, CCTV installation is a great investment and can save you lots of money on the long run.

Catch criminals - The prosecution rate for homes or business with CCTV that have been targeted by thieves are much higher than those without. If you are unfortunate to be targeted by thieves, then at least there is the much stronger possibility that they will be caught.

Reduce fear of crime - Having a CCTV operation installed gives you, your family or your staff members a feeling of security and can help to reduce their fear of crime.

Our CCTV Installation Process

As CCTV installers in Solihull, we have a simple three step installation plan for all clients.

Whether you are purchasing a system through us or you already have one and simply need installation, we’ll firstly provide advice. We’ll ensure that you fully understand the system that you have, what it does and how to maximise its use for your home or business.

Next, we’ll arrange a time and date that is suitable for you. Our CCTV installers are Solihull based so we can be really flexible and ensure that you get your system fitted at a time and date that is suitable for you. Our installers will fit your system correctly and make sure it is all working fully.

Next step is where many other CCTV installers fail. Our installers will train you fully how to use your CCTV system. We’ll make sure you understand all of its features and can use if fully, including operating it and looking after it correctly.



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