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There’s one thing that has been increasing at a rapid rate in the UK and that is the use of CCTV Cameras. Birmingham is no exception, and more and more homes and businesses are utilising CCTV cameras to for both protection and prevention.

If your business or property is in Birmingham, CCTV cameras can help to protect your home, protect your family and protect your business from thiefs and other undesirables who are looking to commit crime. For just a small outlay, you can ensure that you have a fully functioning CCTV camera system that will not just protect your home, family or business from attack, but the very fact it is there and visible will prevent such crimes.

What Types of CCTV Cameras Are There?

If you’re looking to purchase CCTV cameras in Birmingham then you have several options, some of which may be more useful to businesses, some to homeowners.

General Cameras

These box type cameras are the most popular ones that you will outside many homes and businesses. They are usually situated high up and out of reach as they are easily tampered with if in reach but can also be used just as easily indoors. These are great choice if you are looking for general CCTV cameras that are relatively cheap to purchase and install and are excellent at the prevention of crime as they are easily visible to potential offenders.

Bullet Cameras

These compact types of cameras are more inconspicuous and less easy to tamper with than a traditional box type of CCTV camera. Birmingham businesses and homes are both suitable locations to use this type of camera

Dome Cameras

You will often see these type of CCTV cameras in Birmingham retail settings as they are easy to install and blend into the background easily whilst still being visible enough to put off potential shoplifters.

Pan Tilt Cameras (PTZ)

These type of CCTV camera can pan, tilt and rotate which mean they can eliminate any blind spots and ensure that you have full 360 degree protection. They are ideal for monitoring large areas such as car parks, warehouses as well as more conventional domestic properties.

If you’re unsure which type of CCTV camera is suitable for your Birmingham home or business then get in touch with our friendly advisors who will be able to advise you on the best set-up for your own particular circumstances.

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Many companies in Birmingham simply want to sell you a CCTV system or CCTV cameras, but we’ve not remained in business for as long as we have by doing this. We take the time to listen to what you want, what you require and then use our CCTV expertise to come up with a CCTV and security that not just fits your situation but fits in your budget too.

Ensure that you get the right CCTV cameras at the right price for your property and talk to the CCTV experts.

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